Quotes On Pages of Vintage Book

Looking for a one-of-a-kind print? This original artwork can be created using salvaged pages from a vintage dictionary or book. Each print is unique, as no two pages are the same.

For the book I went to Goodwill and found a vintage book of quotes. It only cost me a couple of dollars.  You could also use an old dictionary or any vintage book you have lying around.

I separated the pages of the book by removing the spine to reveal the glued binding. Using a hair dryer, I heated up the glue and easily removed the pages one by one without cutting or tearing.


Next I used a free stock photo site and found some images I wanted to print on the pages.

On my computer, I setup a document the same size as my book page and placed the image in the document. After I got the image looking the way I wanted, I inserted the individual book pages into the printer and pressed print.

The final pages look amazing. I suggest framing or hanging from a clip board or clothespin.