Quotes On Pages of Vintage Book

Looking for a one-of-a-kind print? This original artwork can be created using salvaged pages from a vintage dictionary or book. Each print is unique, as no two pages are the same.

For the book I went to Goodwill and found a vintage book of quotes. It only cost me a couple of dollars.  You could also use an old dictionary or any vintage book you have lying around.

I separated the pages of the book by removing the spine to reveal the glued binding. Using a hair dryer, I heated up the glue and easily removed the pages one by one without cutting or tearing.


Next I used a free stock photo site and found some images I wanted to print on the pages.

On my computer, I setup a document the same size as my book page and placed the image in the document. After I got the image looking the way I wanted, I inserted the individual book pages into the printer and pressed print.

The final pages look amazing. I suggest framing or hanging from a clip board or clothespin.



Upcycled Sugar Mold


This is one of my recent finds at a local vintage market. You might be asking yourself what it is? It is a sugar mold, and just like it sounds, it was a mold for sugar.  Raw sugar cane syrup was poured into the holes. And once it dried, the syrup formed raw brown sugar cones, which was how sugar was once sold to customers.

So what am I using it for?  I decided to purchase some succulents and small clay pots and turned it into a beautiful table accent.  Simple and easy.  It turned out great.


Inspiration Wall

Inspiration Wall

This office “inspiration wall” is a project I started over a year ago, but put on hold for the Omaha move. Finally, I was able to start it again after my crafting totes made it out of storage.

Supplies for the pictures included:

Picture Frames — found at local garage sales for $0.10-$0.50 each
Paint — acrylic and chalk
Paint Brushes
80 Grit Sand Paper
Images/Quotes — downloaded from iStock

Wood picture frames work best. Sand to rough up the surface before painting. Paint with your favorite color, 2-3 coats may be needed. After the paint has dried, lightly sand to distress. Print out images and insert into frames.

Voila! A workspace filled with inspiration. The best part, I can continually add to it or change out the images/quotes.

New Beginnings


Gordons Fall 2015

It’s been crazy the last seven months.  Last August I took a job in Omaha at Redstone Communications. This meant I had to leave JD Gordon, the ad agency my husband and I own. Leaving was hard, but sometimes you need to do what’s right for you. Anna came with me and we found a quiet two bedroom apartment in the Elkhorn area. Perfect for Anna and me, a little tight when Jeff and Wallace come to visit. Commuting back and forth on weekends hasn’t been bad, the trip does go faster each time.  Soon we’ll be putting our house on the market in Sioux City and Jeff will be the one commuting back and forth.  It’ll be nice to have the family back together again.

I’m looking forward to our life in Omaha. Some days I wonder why we ever left, then I remember Anna as a baby and realize we could never have done it without the support of our family close by.  Everything happens for a reason, and it was all leading to this next chapter in our lives.